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.WANG zone domain list (standard) April 05, 2020 894,777 2
.WANG zone domain list (detailed) April 05, 2020 894,777 2

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.wang zone details

Total domains in this zone: 894,777

Unique IPs: 86,428

Active websites: 664,856

Total phones: 6,965

Total emails: 32,173

Last update (UTC time): Apr 05, 2020 12:04

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.WANG zone registar
Zodiac Wang Limited
Block B Unit 403, Horizon International Tower No. 6 Zhichun Road, Haidian District Beijing 100088 P.R. China

Zone WHOIS server is a China based generic top level domain that is dedicated to technology entities. Delegated in January 2014, the domain is managed by Zodiac. The .wang domain is used by many international entities, especially the ones that are invested in the technology industry in order to drive massive traffic from China.

Zodiac is the largest Chinese top level domain applicant led by James Seng. It has over 15 top level domains, most of which are popular for allowing users to access the internet using non-latin standard scripts.

The .wang domain can be registered and used by anyone, there is no restriction whatsoever when it comes to registering a second level .wang domain. Most users of the .wang domain run entities linked with technology.