Bringing Domain Data to Professionals

We analyze 230,000,000 domain names daily

And we make it easily accessible to professionals

Zonefiles team takes great pride in collecting, processing and storing large amounts of data for web professionals.

We process large amounts of domain data to maintain the world's biggest third-party database of domain names with advanced datasets and metrics.

We analyze and update metrics for 230,000,000+ domain names every day

We crawl and analyze 140,000,000+ live websites every month

Unique country-code zone crawler

Aside from classic/generic and GTLD zones (like .com, .net, etc.), country-code zones registrars do not discover their zone files to any 3rd parties.

That means that no one can provide complete lists of country-code domains.

Nevertheless, we have built software that crawls hundreds of millions of known websites. We crawl the entire web 24/7 (much like search engines do). We use our own cluster of servers running 24x7 doing this continuous recursive scan. After getting terabytes of data, we scan this content and then collect and sort lists of found country-code domains.

Plus rich data

We do not only provide lists of domain names. We also provide DNS servers, IP, Geo IP, Geo by html, web server type, hostname, Majestic rank, phone numbers and emails found on websites for all users using Ultimate plans.