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What information do you provide?
— We provide lists of registered domain names. There are 2 types of lists:
1. Basic lists include domain names only.
2. Detailed lists also include DNS, IPs, Country, Web server types, Hostname, emails, {% reserved service field %}, phone numbers, Majestic traffic rank, and discovery date.

At what time do you update your lists?
— 21:00 UTC time (current UTC time: 08:19). You can compare your time zone with UTC here.

How often are your country-code (ccTLD) lists updated?
— 1 time per 2 months.

Why don't you provide daily updates for country-code (ccTLD) domain lists?
— Aside from classic/generic and GTLD zones (like .com, .net, etc.), country-code zones registrars do not discover their zone files to any 3rd parties. That means that no one can provide complete lists of country-code domains.
  Nevertheless, we have built software that crawls hundreds of millions of known websites.
  We use our own cluster of servers running 24x7 doing this continuous recursive scan.
  After getting terabytes of data, we scan this content and then collect and sort lists of found country-code domains.

Do you provide emails or other data points along with your lists?
— Yes. Detailed domain lists are available in Ultimate plans.
The detailed domain lists come in .CSV (comma-separated) format. It includes some additional fields:

  1. Domain name
  2. DNS servers (if any)
  3. IP (if any)
  4. Country by IP (if any)
  5. Country by HTML codepage (if any)
  6. Web server type (if any)
  7. Hostname (if any)
  8. Emails (if any)
  9. {% reserved service field %}
  10. Phone numbers (if any)
  11. Majestic traffic rank (if any)
  12. Discovery date
Important! We do not provide detailed data for 100% of covered domain names. Many domains come without DNS servers, email, etc.

Can I download domain lists directly from my server?
— Yes. Feel free to use our powerful API for that (available in Pro and Ultimate plans).

What is your refund policy?
— We do not offer any refunds as our digital products (domain lists) are non-returnable items.