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135,023 domains in this list

961 domains added on last update

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.TR zone domain list (standard) July, 2019 135,023
.TR zone domain list (detailed) July, 2019 135,023

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— Why we do not provide daily updates for .tr zone?
— Country-code registars never open their zone files to the public. The only way to discover domains in country-code zones is to do a massive recursive scan of all known websites. That's what we're doing. We use a massive cluster of servers and crawl the Web, then we check and clean the resulting lists. We know of millions of CCTLD-domains in hundreds of zones (and currently know of 135,023 domains in .tr zone), but we do not cover 100% of them (some of the smaller websites simply do not have any inbound links and that means that our crawlers cannot find them). Meanwhile we regularly add new domains to this list (2 times / month).

.tr zone details

Total domains in this zone: 135,023

Unique IPs: 34,771

Active websites: 121,909

Total phones: 24,688

Total emails: 48,343

Last update (UTC time): Jul 20, 2019 08:07

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Website Geo Location

.TR zone registar
Middle East Technical University
Department of Computer Engineering
Inonu Bulvari
Ankara 06531

Zone WHOIS server

The .TR domain zone was created in 1990. It is a top-level domain used in Turkey. The registrar of the domain zone is the NIC.TR which is run by the Middle East Technical University. The domain zone is used in both Turkey and the Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus.

The intention of creating the domain zone is to serve for the needs of entities connected to the Turkey Republic that would like to have an online presence which associates them with turkey. Some of the restrictions put in place when it comes to the use of the domain include those who register the domain should have a certain association with Turkey. They may be residents or have business in the country.