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4,981,843 domains in this list

2,677 domains added on last update
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.RU zone domain list (standard) June 16, 2021 4,981,843 2,677
.RU zone domain list (detailed) June 16, 2021 4,981,843 2,677

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  2. DNS servers (if any)
  3. IP (if any)
  4. Country by IP (if any)
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.ru zone details

Total domains in this zone: 4,981,843

Unique IPs: 300,951

Active websites: 3,043,222

Total phones: 735,162

Total emails: 749,905

Last update (UTC time): Jun 16, 2021 12:00

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Website Geo Location

.RU zone registar
Coordination Center for TLD RU
8 Marta street 1, bld 12
Moscow 127083
Russian Federation

Zone WHOIS server

The .RU was introduced in April 7, 1994. It is the internet country code top level domain for Russia. The Coordination Center for TLD RU is the official registry of the domain name zone. If you run an organization or business based in Russia and you will like internet users to associate your domain with the country, then you need to apply for the domain name.

It is used by more than 5 million website owners in the country. Registration of the domain zone is allowed under the second level as well as third level under the regulation of the official registry. If you have a business in Russia and you will like to make people know your market is in Russia, you can opt for the domain zone.