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6,827 domains added on last update
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.ORG zone domain list (standard) May 27, 2018 10,431,295 6,827
.ORG zone domain list (detailed) May 27, 2018 10,431,295 6,827

Standard domain list includes the list of domain names (plain text format, one domain name per line).

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.org zone details

Total domains in this zone: 10,431,295

Unique IPs: 1,094,653

Active websites: 9,288,288

Total phones: 193,608

Total emails: 1,204,766

Last update (UTC time): May 27, 2018 12:05

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Website Geo Location

.ORG zone registar
Public Interest Registry (PIR)
1775 Wiehle Avenue
Suite 102A
Reston Virginia 20190
United States

Zone WHOIS server

The .ORG domain zone was first created on January 1, 1985. It is a top level domain in the (DNS) Domain Name System. It was truncated from the name organization. The MITRE was the first Corporation to register the domain. The current registrar of the domain is Public interest registry. The registrar assumed the services from the VeriSign Global Registry services in the year 2003.

The domain name was originally meant for non-profit organizations. Some of the entities which the domain name was created for include schools, comminutes, open source projects among others. The original aim of setting up the domain was to be used strictly by non-profit making organizations did not see the light of day because the registrars were unable to implement the restrictions. Any organization can register the domain name regardless it is profit making or non-profit making organization. The registry of the .ORG domain name allows high levels of security which many online entities prefer. Over 10 million accounts run on the domain name.