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2,445 domains added on last update
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.ONLINE zone domain list (standard) May 23, 2018 738,155 2,445
.ONLINE zone domain list (detailed) May 23, 2018 738,155 2,445

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.online zone details

Total domains in this zone: 738,155

Unique IPs: 110,939

Active websites: 658,178

Total phones: 13,611

Total emails: 54,164

Last update (UTC time): May 23, 2018 12:05

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.ONLINE zone registar
DotOnline Inc.
F/19, BC1, Ras Al Khaimah FTZ
P.O Box # 16113, Ras Al Khaimah - 16113.
United Arab Emirates

Zone WHOIS server

The .online domain is a generic top level domain dedicated to technology and online presence. The domain went live in August 2015 and is still active to date, it is regarded as the best way to drive traffic that is interested in online services, this includes e-commerce among other things.

The current applicant for the .ONLINE domain is Radix, a subsidiary business of Directi Group. The company is Based in Dubai and owns a lot of other domains and web services businesses.

There are no restrictions whatsoever on who can register a .online domain, anyone with an online business can take advantage of the domain’s name to put an identity next to their web address. Having a .online domain immediately tells the visitors that the organization in question handles its business or affairs online.