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13,192,219 domains in this list

11,136 domains added on last update
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.NET zone domain list (standard) September 20, 2020 13,192,219 11,136
.NET zone domain list (detailed) September 20, 2020 13,192,219 11,136

Standard domain list includes the list of domain names (plain text format, one domain name per line).

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It includes some additional fields:

  1. Domain name
  2. DNS servers (if any)
  3. IP (if any)
  4. Country by IP (if any)
  5. Country by HTML codepage (if any)
  6. Web server type (if any)
  7. Hostname (if any)
  8. Emails (if any)
  9. Alexa traffic rank (if any)
  10. Phone numbers (if any)
  11. Majestic traffic rank (if any)
  12. Discovery date

.net zone details

Total domains in this zone: 13,192,219

Unique IPs: 1,463,571

Active websites: 9,640,174

Total phones: 173,481

Total emails: 1,048,227

Last update (UTC time): Sep 20, 2020 12:09

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Website Geo Location

.NET zone registar
VeriSign Global Registry Services
12061 Bluemont Way
Reston Virginia 20190
United States

Zone WHOIS server

Original, trusted, and well known, .NET domain zone is one of the oldest TLDs on the web, having been created in January of the year 1985. The current registrar of .NET is Verisign after acquiring the Network Solutions, That said, it's important to note that TLDs (abbreviation for, Top Level Domains) are managed by IANA (abbreviation for, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), which is operated by the ICANN (abbreviation for, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

The domain name ".NET" is derived from the word "Network," which indicates that it was originally developed for organizations involved in networking technologies. However, restrictions weren't enforced and the domain zone is currently a general-purpose namespace that can be used for all types of sites.

A .NET domain zone is not only a trusted and authentic choice, but also a great investment, whether you're creating a new site or you have an existing one. It also works as a great alternative, if you have missed out on your preferred .com domain name.