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.IO zone domain list (standard) June, 2024 221,702
.IO zone domain list (detailed) June, 2024 221,702

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— Why we do not provide daily updates for .io zone?
— Country-code registars never open their zone files to the public. The only way to discover domains in country-code zones is to do a massive recursive scan of all known websites. That's what we're doing. We use a massive cluster of servers and crawl the Web, then we check and clean the resulting lists. We know of millions of CCTLD-domains in hundreds of zones (and currently know of 221,702 domains in .io zone), but we do not cover 100% of them (some of the smaller websites simply do not have any inbound links and that means that our crawlers cannot find them). Meanwhile we regularly add new domains to this list (1 time / 2 months).

.io zone details

Total domains in this zone: 221,702

Unique IPs: 63,270

Active websites: 208,131

Total phones: 8,544

Total emails: 49,193

Last update (UTC time): Jun 13, 2024 08:24

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.IO zone registar
IO Top Level Domain Registry
Cable and Wireless
Diego Garcia
British Indian Ocean Territory

Zone WHOIS server

The .IO domain extension is one of the fastest growing domain extensions in the computer world today. It also happens to be one of the priciest. The name seems to be a reference to 'input/output', a common phrase in the world of technology. This is a top-level domain and its history is both intriguing and shocking.

.IO is the ccTLD (top-level domain) for the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), a network of islands belonging to the British government but used primarily as military bases and lookout posts by the US military. This group of islands, also known as the Chagos Archipelago, was taken by the British in 1965 by separating them from the colony of Mauritius, which soon achieved independence. They have always been considered an area of great strategic importance and the British government has gone to great lengths to keep them in its possession, including having the entire area registered as a Marine Protected Reserve in 2010.

The current registrar of the .io zone is the Internet Computer Bureau and was assigned to it in 1997. The Internet Computer Bureau is a small company operating out of Bournemouth, UK. All .io registrations are ultimately done with the authority of the ICB.

Despite the fact that the .io extension was initially made for the BIOT, the only website actually registered in BIOT with this extension is, the only network provider in the area. A simple traceroute will show the list of IP addresses leading there. Most of the websites listed with the .io extension happen to be technology startups or blogs of one kind or another. From Bitcoin blogs to SaaS websites, to device manufacturers, .io has become the home for tech.