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422,140 domains in this list

5,266 domains added on last update

List type Updated Domains in list
.DK zone domain list (standard) June, 2024 422,140
.DK zone domain list (detailed) June, 2024 422,140

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  7. Hostname (if any)
  8. Emails (if any)
  9. {% reserved service field %}
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  11. Majestic traffic rank (if any)
  12. Discovery date

— Why we do not provide daily updates for .dk zone?
— Country-code registars never open their zone files to the public. The only way to discover domains in country-code zones is to do a massive recursive scan of all known websites. That's what we're doing. We use a massive cluster of servers and crawl the Web, then we check and clean the resulting lists. We know of millions of CCTLD-domains in hundreds of zones (and currently know of 422,140 domains in .dk zone), but we do not cover 100% of them (some of the smaller websites simply do not have any inbound links and that means that our crawlers cannot find them). Meanwhile we regularly add new domains to this list (1 time / 2 months).

.dk zone details

Total domains in this zone: 422,140

Unique IPs: 36,464

Active websites: 406,123

Total phones: 71,195

Total emails: 178,149

Last update (UTC time): Jun 13, 2024 08:24

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Website Geo Location

.DK zone registar
Dansk Internet Forum
Kalvebod Brygge 45, 3rd Floor
Copenhagen V DK-1560

Zone WHOIS server

The .dk domain is a country code top level domain from Denmark. It is managed by DK Hostmaster, a non-profit organization based in Denmark. Unlike most two letter country code top level domains that are restricted for use only by administrative subdivisions of countries, the .dk has no such restrictions. In accordance with the Danish language, registrations of domain names with the characters æ, ø, å, ö, ä, ü, and é is permitted.

The .dk domain is owned by the Danish Society and managed by DK Hostmaster, an organization that runs and maintains technology and infrastructure in the Danish internet space. The organization also administers the WHOIS database related to registrants of the .dk domain.

Registration for the .dk domain is not restricted, anyone can register a .dk domain, this includes individuals and organizations. For registrants located in Europe, a VAT-ID is required to complete the registration process. Registrants from outside of Europe are not required to submit a VAT-ID.

• The .dk domain was created on the 14th of July 1987 at the Stanford Research Institute.

• The Danish UNIX User Group at Datalogisk Institut, Københavns Universitet were the first administrators of the domain.

• In November 1987 the Danish UNIX User Group DKUUG made a name agreement with the coordinators of the three other networks, a national experimental X.400 net, EARN and DECnet. An agreement was reached to share the .dk name. The network information was hidden from the users so they do not know which network they are connected to, thereby nullifying the use of pseudo-domains and second level domains, a practice that has been enforced ever since, and is now applied in other countries.